Gluten Free Foods - 10 of the Best

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Gluten Free Foods – 10 of the Best


With surveys now suggesting that as many as 8.5 million people in the UK are following a gluten free diet it’s no surprise that Mintel’s latest market data indicates as many as 12% of new food products entering the UK market are labelled as gluten free.


While we couldn’t possibly try these thousands of items ourselves (we need to leave some for someone else after all), we are very proud of the 300+ gluten free foods that we do have in our health shop and the list is always growing thanks to our wonderful team of buyers who are always on the look out for the best new health foods, including gluten free and free-from.


With so many coeliac-approved foods now in stock, some of our gluten free aficionados have been working hard to try as many as possible - the result is our list of 10 favourite gluten free foods in stock at the moment.


So, without further ado:


  1. Mallow & Marsh Raspberry Marshmallow Bars


We can barely keep Mallow & Marsh’s marshmallow bars on our shelves right now, it feels like they’re going to take over the world. But in a nice, tasty, fluffy way. Not sure if you know this but marshmallow is naturally gluten free which makes these by far one of the tastiest gluten free treats we have tried. It’s a 100% naturally, natural marshmallow with no artificial colourings or preservatives. It is still a treat so despite being low in fat it’s not the healthiest thing in the world but when it tastes this good we’re willing to forgive ourselves!



  1. Barkat Waffle Ice Cream Cones


Ok so we never said this was going to be a list of world’s healthiest foods or stuff to eat on a diet! With all this lovely weather recently, it feels like summer is finally just around the corner and when we think summer we think ice cream (gluten free of course). For a long time now we have had to dispense with the cones and just munch the lovely, creamy, ice cream but no more. We absolutely love Barkat’s waffle ice cream cones which are widely regarded as the best available. They come in the traditional waffle style which tastes best in our opinion and is also less likely to go all soggy and leave your ice cream on the pavement. They’re sweet, crispy and taste like a waffle ice cream cone should – except they’re completely gluten free (also wheat, milk and egg free).


  1. Bakery on Main – Cinnamon Raisin Granola


Getting enough fibre on a gluten free diet can be tricky at times which is why we’re always choosy about what we have for breakfast and Bakery on Main’s cinnamon raisin granola ticks every box for us. Providing up to 1/3rdof your daily recommended intake of fibre, this breakfast cereal is packed full of lovely, sweet raisins with the unmistakable sweet spice of cinnamon and made from completely natural and organic ingredients. Definitely one of the tastiest breakfast cereals around, the fact it’s gluten free is just an added bonus!



  1. Consenza – Shake & Bake USA Style Waffle Mix


Consenza can always be relied upon to provide a wide range of great tasting gluten free foods but their shake & bake pancake and waffle mixes are by far our favourite, and they’re lots of fun too. Pancake Day has never been the same since! Twist, fill, shake, bake, it really is that simple to make delicious gluten free USA-style pancakes.





  1. Dove’s Farm – Gluten Free Flour


While this one is cheating just a little bit (it’s not one product it’s a full range), any list of our favourite GF foods just had to have Dove’s Farm’s flours. The bakers and home cooks amongst us will know that despite supermarkets and local health shops stocking an ever-increasing range of gluten free and free-from foods, this is no substitute for the enjoyment, satisfaction and healthiness of simple home cooking and baking. Thankfully Dove’s Farm came to the rescue with their Freee range and things in our kitchen have changed significantly for the better.

With everything from plain white flour, self raising flour, rice flour, tapioca flour, buckwheat flour , gram flour and strong bread flour we’re pretty certain there is a gluten free version of literally any flour you could need or desire. Thank you Dove’s Farm, we love you!



  1. Jealous Sweets – Tangy Worms


You might have come across some of Jealous Sweets' insanely tasty sweets if you or anyone you know if vegan but it so happens that their sweets just happen to be completely gluten free too. Made from completely natural, plant-based ingredients these tasty treats put a smile on our faces while remaining 100% guilt free (and the tangy worms are our favourites!)




  1. Kikkoman – Tamari Gluten Free Soy Sauce


Who knew us Brits were so obsessed with oriental cooking? Well, stupid question really but genuinely one of the most common questions our customer service saints get asked is ‘is there such a thing as gluten free soy sauce and do you stock it?’  The answer to both of course, is yes!

Tamari is made with just 4 ingredients, water, soy beans, salt and vinegar – meaning coeliacs and those on gluten free diets can now enjoy this most delicious of seasonings all over again. Kikkoman’s tamari sauce is naturally brewed, completely wheat-free and can be doused over literally anything and everything to make it taste like heaven (or maybe that’s just us).



  1. Mister Freed Blue Corn Tortilla Chips


Blue corn is the best corn. Not only does it have a sweeter flavour and packs more sweetness per bite, it also looks awesome and will impress your guests! Mister Freed tortilla chips are roasted until crunchy, made with completely natural ingredient and are vegan, gluten free, packed with nutrition and full of protein. Oh, did we mention they’re delicious?




  1. King Soba Buckwheat & Quinoa Noodles


Not gonna lie, we LOVE King Soba noodles! Absolutely love them. They’ve really expanded what we can eat in any given week and we love them for that alone. King Soba’s noodles are organic, wheat & gluten-free, vegan and tasty as anything. 

Our current favourites are the buckwheat & quinoa noodles which taste great and are packed with one of our favourite supergrains however their range is extensive (to say the least) and includes lovely, slurpy treats such as sprouted brown rice ramen, black rice noodles, pumpkin ginger brown rice noodles and organic buckwheat noodles – to name but a few.




  1. Lazy Day – Free From Millionaire’s Crispy Squares


We’re writing this on a Friday and for us Friday means cake day at work! So we couldn’t resist finishing with one of Lazy Day’s tasty sweet treats which are always guaranteed to put a smile on our face. Honourable mention must go to their millionaire’s shortbread squares (completely free-from, of course) which have lovely sweet, gooey caramel on a crumbly shortbread base all topped with delicious Belgian chocolate. Mmmm. Is it lunchtime yet?




That rounds up our list of current favourite gluten free foods. The warm spring sunshine pouring in the window and impending weekend might have skewed this to a slightly more ‘naughty’ list than we would do normally but hey, we’re all good people, we deserve a treat every now and then! 

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