Will Boredom Stop You Eating Healthy?

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Will Boredom Put an End to Healthy Eating?


Here at The Healthery we prefer to avoid diet ‘fads’ and instead focus on eating nutritious, balanced and delicious meals all year round however we’re as guilty as the next person in reaching for the chocolate in a moment of weakness. There are also times when we might choose to diet for a specific reason such as preparing for a marathon or – in my own case – trying to shed a few pounds so I can squeeze into my kilt for my wedding! So it was with interest that we read a recent study by Tilda which indicated that half of British dieters ditch healthy eating because they find healthy foods ‘boring’. The average diet lasts less than 3 months and 3 in 10 are fed up of healthy eating within the first month.


Despite two thirds of dieters saying they enjoy healthy food, 47% admit they find healthier cuisine more boring than food which they know to be bad for them.


And the study indicates that a lack of sensory stimulation is to blame. Fully one third miss the smell of unhealthy meals when dieting,1 in 8 think junk food has a better texture than leafy greens and 3 in 5 think trying to eat healthily reduces the enjoyment they get out of eating. The outcome is that British dieters are turning to sugary, fatty foods in order to have a more enjoyable culinary experience.


Registered Nutritionist and cookery write Rob Hobson, who has partnered with Tilda commented: “The perceptions around food boredom is a key factor for diet fatigue and the reason why many dieters quickly revert back to old eating habits.


“It’s clear from the research findings that our senses have a huge role to play in the food choices we make.


“We seek great tasting flavour, appearance, smell and texture in our food but it is clear we reach to unhealthy foods such as the flavour of chocolate and the crunch of crisps to satisfy these needs as the perception of healthy dishes hitting a multi-sensory note is more difficult to achieve.


“Convenience and ease of preparation are also highlighted as reasons why people find it difficult to stick to a healthy diet, with 44% of dieters of the view that they would eat meals that are better for them if they were easier to prepare and more readily accessible.


“If you combine this with all the other misconceptions around healthy food this creates a huge barrier to eating well.”


When asked to consider the factors which might convince them to stick to their diet for longer, 2 in 5 said they would be more likely to stick to a diet if they could find healthy meals which they found delicious. 1 in 4 said they would stick with a diet if the meals they ate looked more appetising.


A resounding 95% of dieters from the OnePoll.com survey can name a specific dish that would tempt them away from their healthy eating habits that deliver the multi-sensory hit they are craving. These include pizza, curry, chips and the waft as well as the sizzle of bacon cooking. In addition, 3 in 10 think eating unhealthily is more convenient than a greener plate.


A spokesperson for Tilda added: “The notion of multisensory eating has previous been considered the territory of Michelin starred chefs, but at Tilda we believe in not only enabling the home cook but the health-conscious cook looking for convenience.”


Hobson summarised: “Taste is the sum of all the senses, which includes flavour, smell, sight, texture and sound.


“It’s time to ditch your misconceptions around healthy eating and do your diet a favour by exploring the multi-sensory world of healthy eating.


Understanding how to combine multi-sensory foods to create simple tasty dishes that stimulate all of the senses will help to change your perception of what it means to eat well and increase your enjoyment of health foods.”


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We like to think we are doing our bit to help by ensuring that healthy, nutritious, organic health and whole foods are available to all of our customers at the lowest possible prices, all year round. Eating well shouldn’t cost the earth and should be accessible to all. Recently we have also started to share some of our own recipe ideas that will allow you to eat nutritious, filling meals that are better for you and cheaper than junk food.


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