5 Health Foods Currently Rocking Our World

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5 Health Foods Currently Rocking Our World


Often, when seeking out the best new health foods we are overwhelmed by the volume of great new products out there, the number of new health shops coming to the market or bombarded by advertisements and social media and it can be difficult to know what to try, or who to trust. Here at The Healthery we’re lucky enough to get to sample so many of our fantastic products although even we’re happy to admit it can get a bit overwhelming at times! 


And that’s why we thought a good idea for a new blogpost would be to compile a list of 5 of our favourite new products and manufacturers and let you know why we think they’re worthy of your attention. If you agree with us, you might even give them a try, we’re confident you’ll be delighted with your choice. 


Nature’s Harvest Turmeric Latte Mix


Most of us have heard of the health benefits of turmeric – and if not, just know that it’s one of the most ‘super’ of superfoods, with incredibly powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, boosts brain power and even combats heart disease. However getting turmeric into your diet in sufficient amounts can be tricky and that’s where Nature’s Harvest come in.


Often here in the office we are craving a nice hot drink to keep us going through the working day but don’t want to overdo it on the coffee so we’ve been drinking turmeric lattes for some time now and can say with confidence that Nature’s Harvest is definitely the best we have tasted. Made with a blend of turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, chilli, vanilla and black pepper it is absolutely divine and super-healthy to boot (plus vegan, gluten free and sugar free) – double thumbs up from us!


Amandin Organic Stock


During the long, cold British winters we take turns in bringing soup to the office for the whole team to enjoy at lunchtimes and it started to get competitive some time ago – a Healthery soup-off if you like. The only problem with our lovely, healthy and warming soups was the amount of salt and artificial ingredients you find in most shop-bought stock cubes so we were delighted when we first got our hands on Amandin Organic stocks.


Amandin is a wonderful Spanish company who excel at producing the finest, 100% natural and organic cooking ingredients and have even started to expand into non-dairy milk drinks, vegetable drinks and nut spreads.


But back to the organic soup stock… we are currently proud to stock Amandin Organic Vegetable StockOrganic Chicken Stock and Organic Stew Stock and let’s just say our lunchtime soup-offs have since moved up a gear! We’re amazed we can pick up 1 Litre cartons of this incredible organic stock at such great prices and the results are wonderful. Full of body and taste, 100% organic and with none of the nasties often present in the usual stock cubes. 


Amandin – thank you for making our winters healthier and happier!


Aspall Cyder Vinegars


Most of us will have used or tasted Aspall products at one time or another (or at least seen some Aspall bottles in the kitchen of their local restaurant). There’s a good reason for this and it’s that Aspall have been making world class products for hundreds of years and are known and respected all over the culinary world. Most of us here swear by Aspall’s red and white wine cider vinegars but today we wanted to highlight the wonder that is Aspall Raw Organic Cyder Vinegar.


While the benefits of cider vinegar are fairly well known, raw and organic cider vinegar truly is the ‘mother’ of all cider vinegars (literally). Raw cider vinegars contain something called ‘the mother’ which is essentially strands of protein, enzymes and friendly bacteria that have a wide range of proven health benefits. Don’t just take our word for it, Healthline have written an excellent, balanced article here.


However, health benefits aside, we wanted to tell you how much we love Aspall’s raw organic cyder vinegar – it tastes incredible! In fact, it won a Great Taste award as recently as 2017.


For anyone who hasn’t already tried cider vinegars they can easily be incorporated into diets in salad dressings, making mayonnaise and the like, and can even be used in hair and skin care. There’s a tremendous amount of literature available on the internet for more inspiration


Amazing Grass


Despite our best intentions some of us struggle to eat as healthily as we would like to due to long working hours, eating on the move and burning the candle at both ends so some of us here have taken to supplementing out diet to make sure our bodies aren’t missing out on essential nutrients and remains in tip-top condition. Supergreens have been around for a while and are an excellent source of nutrition, ticking many boxes in one convenient drink (or however you prefer to take yours).


Enter Amazing Grass, who claim to harvest the most nutrient-dense grasses on the planet. We love their ethos of growing naturally, organically and sustainably but most of all we love how Amazing Grass makes us feel! Our current favourite is Amazing Grass Raw Reserve which packs in a mix of greens, blue & green algae, sea & root vegetables plus billions of probiotics and even comes in convenient sachets (which are great for taking to work). Several of us here swear by Amazing Grass for helping us feel great (plus a few of us swear by its hangover-curing properties, but don’t tell the boss!)


Betavivo Crispy Oat Hearts


Betavivo is a great-tasting cereal made from oat hearts that have an amazing crispy texture and taste of creamy oat goodness. However, that’s not the only reason we love them: Betavivo Crispy Oat Hearts are also proven to reduce cholesterol and lowers the rise in blood sugar experienced after eating a meal. As it’s packed with beta-glucan, you would need to eat 3 huge bowls of porridge to experience the same effect on your cholesterol from just one bowl of crispy oat hearts – truly amazing stuff!


Let’s face it, as we get older it can be harder to keep our health in check and cholesterol is not only a well-known problem in the UK and across the world, it’s a significant contributory cause of heart disease. Thankfully Betavivo have provided a convenient and delicious way to reduce cholesterol by 10% in around 8 weeks, and that’s without the need for or side effects of taking statins. A win-win-win in our book so needless to say our kitchen here in the office is always packed with Crispy Oat Hearts!


We hope you like our list. Which health foods are currently rocking your world?

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