Higher Nature Mum To Be Tablets 30s

SOLD OUT Higher Nature  Mum To Be Tablets 30s
Higher/N Mum To Be Tablets 30s A complete formulation with a range of vitamins and minerals at specific levels to help maintain the health of you and your baby before and during pregnancy. Includes minerals such as zinc, which contributes to normal fertility and reproduction. Best taken with an omega oil with high DHA levels such as Omega 3 Fish Oil Especially for you and your baby throughout pregnancy Contains full spectrum of essential nutrients including Folic Acid Also provides optimal levels of all B Vitamins Provides easily digestible and absorbable True Food? Iron Does not contain Vitamin A but Beta Carotene instead Ideally to be taken with Omega 3 Fish Oil or Flax Seed Oil May not be suitable for those with a fish or crustacean allergy .
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