Rainforest Foods - Organic Maca Root Powder 300g

SOLD OUT Rainforest Foods - Organic Maca Root Powder 300g
RAINFOREST FOODS Organic 4 Root Maca Powder 300g Maca, or Lepidium meyenii, grows in the Andes at altitudes of over 4000 metres. In such harsh conditions plants have to be very efficient at absorbing nutrients from the soil. This is why Maca has been part of diets in its native areas for millennia. While local cuisine uses the whole plant, Rainforest Foods Maca root powder is made of the fused root and hypocotyl (lower stem), where nutrients are concentrated. Rainforest Foods Maca is a mix of red, yellow, purple and black roots. It is grown organically in Peru using traditional techniques and has a long growing period of up to eight months. After harvesting, it is slowly air dried before being milled to a powder.Suitable for Vegetarian&Vegan.
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