Earth Kiss - Clean up Exfoliate Mud Mask 21g

SOLD OUT Earth Kiss - Clean up Exfoliate Mud Mask 21g

EARTH KISS Clean Up, Exfoliate Mud Mask 17g

Earth Kiss Clean Up Exfoliate Mud Mask is a delightful, natural mud mask that will work wonders to flush out your pores and moisturize your skin. The Clean Up Exfoliate Mud Mask will help rebalance the skin while also increasing energy and relieving stress and anxiety. Features 100% Natural, Skin Type: Normal, Oily skin, Contains 85 plant micronutrients, Contains Mediterranean Clay & Volcanic Pumice. Directions of use Cleanse face with warm water only. Apply evenly over face and neck with fingertips, avoiding eyes and lips. Lie back & relax for 15-20 minutes, or until dry. Rinse off with warm water. Pat dry. Ingredients Mediterranean Clay, Volcanic Pumice, Rosemary, Cocoa Butter, Tea Tree Oil & Dead Sea Salt.

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