Household Cleaners

Keeping your house clean and sanitary doesn't have to cost the earth. We stock a wide range of eco friendly and sustainable cleaning products including (but not limited to): surface cleaners, floor cleaners, kitchen cleaners, bathroom cleaners, window cleaners. Not to mention cloths, mops and sponges. In fact, everything you could need to keep your home lovely and clean without the nasty chemicals or hefty price tag!

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Bio-D - All Purpose Sanitiser Spray 500ml

Bio-D -Multi Purpose Spray (500ml)A convenient multi-purpose cleaner for use on all hard surfaces. ..

£3.47 Ex Tax: £2.89

Bio-D - Bathroom Cleaner 500ml

Bio-D -Bathroom Cleaner (500ml)A convenient Bathroom and Shower Cleaner for use on glass, ceramics,..

£3.47 Ex Tax: £2.89

Bio-D - Home & Garden Sanitiser 750ml SOLD OUT

Bio-D - Home & Garden Sanitiser 750ml

Bio-D - Home & Garden Sanitiser 750mlIntroducing a new product to the Bio D range - Home and Gar..

£3.30 Ex Tax: £2.75

Bio-D - Multi Surface Sanitiser 750ml

Bio-D - Multi Surface Sanitiser 750mlA wonderfully effective non-scrach eco friendly sanitiser for m..

£3.50 Ex Tax: £2.92

Bio-D - Toilet Cleaner 750ml

Bio-D -Toilet Cleaner (750ml)A concentrated, easy to use chlorine-free Toilet Cleaner that removes ..

£3.04 Ex Tax: £2.53

E-Cloth - Bathroom Pack - Single SOLD OUT

E-Cloth - Bathroom Pack - Single

E-Cloth Bathroom Pack Single The Bathroom Cloth's longer and thicker fibres give it exceptional cl..

£11.39 Ex Tax: £9.49

E-Cloth - Glass & Polishing Cloth - Single

E-Cloth - Glass & Polishing Cloth - SingleThe E-cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth brings the 'WO..

£5.99 Ex Tax: £4.99

E-Cloth - Hob & Oven Pack For Cooker Cleaning

E-Cloth - E Cloth Hob & Oven Packe-cloth's Hob & Oven Pack is all you need to clean your coo..

£11.39 Ex Tax: £9.49

E-Cloth - Kitchen Cloth Twin Pack

E-Cloth Kitchen Twin Pack  2-piece Kitchen Pack comes with a Kitchen Cloth with a Scrubbing Poc..

£11.96 Ex Tax: £9.97

E-Cloth - Pad & Tablet Kit SOLD OUT

E-Cloth - Pad & Tablet Kit

E-Cloth - Pad & Tablet KitPads and tablets need frequent cleaning. The screen-sized cloth and ha..

£7.19 Ex Tax: £5.99

E-Cloth - Pet Cleaning Mitt - Single SOLD OUT

E-Cloth - Pet Cleaning Mitt - Single

E-Cloth - Pet Cleaning Mitt - SingleE-cloth's dual-sided pet cleaning mitt can be used wet or dry. I..

£12.23 Ex Tax: £10.19

E-Cloth - Screen Cleaning Pack - Single SOLD OUT

E-Cloth - Screen Cleaning Pack - Single

E-Cloth - Screen Cleaning Pack - SingleThe Screen Pack is designed for cleaning and protecting all m..

£12.23 Ex Tax: £10.19

E-Cloth - Window Clean And Polish Pack

E-Cloth - E Cloth Window PackThere is no need for specialist liquid cleaners to ..

£11.39 Ex Tax: £9.49

Ecoforce - Brush Refills - 2 Pack SOLD OUT

Ecoforce - Brush Refills - 2 Pack

Eco Force Brush Refills. Replacement Brush Heads for your EcoForce Dish Brush. This brush head fits ..

£2.99 Ex Tax: £2.49

Ecoforce - Non Scratch Sponge - 3 Pack SOLD OUT

Ecoforce - Non Scratch Sponge - 3 Pack

Ecoforce - Non Scratch Sponge - 3 PackEvery kitchen has to have the humble sponge and it gets used d..

£1.80 Ex Tax: £1.50